Mass spectrometer    

"The Orbitrap Exploris 480 mass spectrometer combines a compact hybrid quadrupole-Orbitrap design with increased performance in high-throughput analysis, obtaining high-quality protein and peptide identifications from complex biological samples over a wide dynamic range with maximum sensitivity. This mass spectrometer has unique capabilities which impart extra speed, depth, and certainty to enable run more complex experiments or to gain deeper insights into proteome samples. Superior mass resolution, accuracy, speed, and intelligent data acquisition approaches maximize the richness and certainty of identifications. In addition, FAIMS Pro interface and internal calibrant (EASY-IC) source, extends the functionality of the instrument from proteome exploratory to protein targeted quantitation. Instrument performance highlights include: - 480,000 Max Resolution
- Up to 40 Hz scan speed
- m/z 40 to 6000 mass range
- >5000:1 dynamic range
- Mass accuracy: Internal <1 ppm RMS; External: <3 ppm RMS
- Broader range of experiments with multiple scan modes: data-dependent acquisition (DDA), data- independent acquisition (DIA), spectral multiplexing (MSX), TopN and new TopSpeed (TopS), BoxCar DIA and DDA experiments, tSIM, tSIM MSX, ddMS/MS, targeted MS/MS

Manufacturer: Fisher Scientific
Model: Orbitrap Exploris 480
Location: Plataforma Proteómica

Funded by the Government of Navarra.
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