WELCOME to SIESS, the Scientific Infrastructure and Equipment Sharing System of Navarra

ADItech created and manages the SIESS project, which promotes the knowledge and sharing of the scientific infrastructure and equipment available in Navarra.

ADItech is a private non-profit Foundation created in 2014. As defined in the Regional Law on Science and Technology (15/2018), ADItech is accredited as the Coordinator of the Navarra R&D&I System, also known as SINAI, dedicating its efforts to promote collaboration among the SINAI agents and to boost the relationship between science, technology and business in Navarra.

SIESS background: this project dates back to 2016 when the Government of Navarra requested ADItech to compile a catalogue of the scientific resources in the region. We visited all members of the Innovation System of Navarra also known as SINAI, in order to gather first- hand input of their infrastructures, performing a global analysis of the findings.

In 2017 ADItech performed a detailed international review of similar scientific infrastructure and equipment sharing systems in order to learn from the best examples. Then we designed a system that would fit the special requirements of the SINAI agents, creating SIESS.

Finally, after months of work, the SIESS platform was launched and currently the SIESS community continues to consolidate as a tangible example of the cooperation efforts that drives ADItech’s mission.

Funded by the Government of Navarra.
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